Dr. Jennifer Ashton Discusses ThermiVa® on Good Morning America
July 21, 2016 | On TV
ThermiVa® Featured on KVUE-TV with Dr. Jennifer Walden
January 21, 2016 | On TV

Dr. Jennifer Walden in Austin, TX, shares the benefits of using temperature-controlled radiofrequency heat for feminine health and rejuvenation. One of her patients shares her personal success story with ThermiVa®.

ThermiSmooth® Face Featured on Extra TV
January 5, 2016 | On TV

Cosmetic dermatologist Dr. Talia Emery at Veronica Spa in Malibu, CA shares her secret weapon — ThermiSmooth® Face, which targets problem areas on the surface of the skin using temperature controlled radiofrequency and thermal imaging. 

ThermiVa® with Red Alinsod, MD Featured on The Doctors
October 6, 2015 | On TV

Dr. Red Alinsod explains and demonstrates the benefits of tempereature controlled radiofrequency technology for feminine rejuvenation with the non-invasive ThermiVa® treatment.

We Are Austin Morning Lifestyle Show: ThermiVa® for Vaginal Rejuvenation
September 19, 2015 | On TV

Dr. Jennifer Walden is the first in Austin, Texas to offer ThermiVa® at her practice. This non-surgical treatment helps women reclaim, restore and revive their vulvovaginal youthfulness and well-being.